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nobody likes being alone
you do.

anyways. two new things.
journal: BleedLustxChoke
sn: BleedLustxChoke

see you around, I won't be usuing this journal anymore.
I mean, it was so 8th grade.

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would it be completely inappropriate to wear a brand new shirt to a taking back sunday concert? or would that just be a straylight run concert?
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when joe and derek are having a pool party and they call to invite you and
you ask 'who needs a ride?'
and they say 'no one'
and you ask 'who is there?'
and they say 'just us'
and you ask 'who is coming?'
and they say 'dunno, joes sister, she may bring some people'
and you ask 'why are you calling me?'
and they say 'because its a pool party, fool!'

you start to get suspicious.
i hate second-guessing things, but they never call me...
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I was just thinking about how big panic has gotten, and how at the truckstops and statelines tour in orlando jordan asked brendon if he'd seen three girls around (hillary, marissa, and me) when he was looking for us after the show.

like, wtf? who goes up and asks the lead singer of a band 'have you seen my sister and her friends?' and then proceeds to describe us?

fuck panic at the disco.
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if you read my journal, and you're on my friends list, then youll be invited to my birthday. that means that you should listen to that band now, and get to liking them quick, because that's who will be playing.

pee.ess. i need someone to go to a bakery with me to get a cake :/
like, the whole taste testing thing and shit, and then pick out what i want it to look like?

i have a feeling harley is going to call dibs.
but, you know, i think nicole should prob come too. and jackie. and marissa. we'll be fatties together.
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i regret not going to the orlando warped.

OMGZ its ALEX: only because he totally would have remembered me from friday, since you guys were up front
underOATHxTBS182: yeah he probably would have
underOATHxTBS182: he would have been like "oh my god its that girl again"
underOATHxTBS182: in a freaked out way
OMGZ its ALEX: stfu!
underOATHxTBS182: lol
OMGZ its ALEX: 'omg shes totally stalking meeeee FUCK'

yeah, basically.
and, just so you know, i've been dead these past couple of days.

/mexian noises
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basically, wow. let me just say that, right off the bat.

i love nicole, harley, and marissa.
i loved doing this:

my dads house
waffle house (different sort of houses)
my dads house
my moms house
SUPER wal*mart
dunkin doughnuts
my dads house for 3-4 hours of sleep (four for those of us who weren't scared of ghosts)

im a sucker for being sucked in, and ended up buying five cds before we even got in. jesus, come on. one came with a free shirt, one came with the singer of the band being hunted down to sing me a song hemade up on the spot, one came with a boy who had pretty eyes (and who said pete wentz hit on him once), one came with a guy who said they sounded like hellogoodbye/theacademyis..., and i don't exactly remember who the other one came from. whatever.

armor for sleep was sacrificed for the academy is..., basically so we could have CENTER UP AGAINST THE BARICADE AND OMG, william made eye sex with us all. they continue to amaze me. they only get better and better each time i see them. and, oh, did i mention they came on the stage with afternoon delight playing in the background? yeah, it skippe,d they looked upset, but it was still great. i saw tony AND johnny. not to mention basically half of gym class heroes and fftl were watching from the side of the stage. along with some random really asian kid (not billy) and some chicks (who i was really jealous of)

seriously, though. fucking... i could have left right then and there.

all the other bands, fuck it, dont even care to tell you how those went.

we met the butcher coming from where the buses were, only because we were waiting for jackie (thanks jackie, you made it so we got to meet the butcher) and then adam and william at their tent. william probably thinks im a fucking stalker what with myhuge picture of just him. good thing i didnt get the 8x10. (6x8 ftw, yes plz)


best warped tour for me yet, only because of the academy.
god, i love them.
and, for some reason, i really would like to mention i love nicole at this point as well. because during the academy she kept looking at me with this huge grin on her face. and i knew, i just KNEW, it was because she knew how fucking stoked i was. and like, i did it to her during FOB when we saw them. its just looking at your friend and being excited for them that theyre so excited. so, yeah.

p.s. i didnt tell anyone, but sonny moore played eye sex with me too, because i have wandering eyes when it comes to shows sometimes, and was like, staring at him for no reason when he stared back. and i didnt tell anyone because he freaks me the fuck out. seriously. cut your hair little girl. and stop being so bulbous.
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i'm going to a funeral today with stewart.
and maybe pete wentz can put the fun in funeral, but I sure as hell can't.
and it's a little ironic that i'm wearing the dress i wore a week ago to a wedding.
but, hey, the last funeral i went to was my grandmothers.
and shit, if this stirs up memories i'm screwed.


Never again. Not unless I loved that person completely and totally. I'm sorry, but to have to feel so fucking shitty, and to cry and stuff.. It's just... I only want to have to go through that if I have to.